Ivana Lakic


Laki, Iva: When nonsense became commonsense. Obd’n super Handörgeler bisch, isch eich scheissegal, wennd’ es Arschloch bisch, bisch es Arschloch. Zürich-Emmenbrücke: cave-dwellers unltd., 202021.

Art in Public Spheres (MAPS)
Beatrice Felder, Cyrill Meier, Lionel Umbricht, Marina Belobrovaja, Mathias Gubler, Miroslav Lakic, MoCh, Morena Gmür, Nicole Heri, Nicole Ottiger, Patric Fasel, Peter Finke, Peter Spillmann, Sabine Gebhardt Fink and Spassbüro.


Rooting in the notion of an overwhelming lack of confidence due to precarious living conditions as the not so new normal all over the world, the project examines increasingly blurry landscapes of discourse and debate in the very hearts of democratic societies.

By collectively merging belief, fact, feeling, ideology, information, meaning, opinion and so forth, we find ourselves playing with nonsense on a daily base: unproductive, paralyzing nonsense hindering us to socially engage and politically participate or if so in a hateful and destructive manner. A state of confusion additionally intensified by a toxic conglomerate of programmatic untruth and cancel-culture-censorship amplifying public disapproval and dissociation.

Approaching this vast, dynamic phenomena eventually to be entitled as the age of misinformation, I am wondering if and how we might survive in a world in which entities such as truth and certainty ceased to exist. I am asking if and how we can embrace our own, our ally’s and our opponent’s ignorance. I am looking for a powerful torch for diving into a great unknown. I want us to face the flood of the ever uncertain. To bargain by taking action. Together. On all fronts. Now.

Zirbelsturm is a strategy inspired by an almost universally readable, widespread item signalizing peril and calling for attention – the traffic cone. A strategy gaining insights by tumbling through the dazzling dark.